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Some days with a toddler are hard. Like, you wonder if you're doing anything right at all. 
Thankfully, other days are magic. Like today. 
He jabbered away all day long, telling stories and (I'm pretty sure) telling me what to do. 
He went around the house naming things with a serious expression, as if he was giving me an important lesson.
"Door!" "Ball!" "Puppy!" "Ice!" "Pumpkin!" "Football!" "Moon!" "Apple!"
He pointed at Ella's wagging nub of a tail and broke down laughing. He grabbed my face with his two little hands and kissed me on the mouth with those sweet puckered lips. At dinner he counted the lightbulbs in a lamp, "two, two, two, two".
He played a game of hide and chase with Tim after dinner,
running with a huge grin on his face and his arms wrapped around his favorite football.
We had a last-minute appointment this afternoon and while I got ready he played in the tub beside me, happy as could be.
If I had let him, he would've played right there in the tub for the rest of the day. He loves the water.
And I love him to bits.

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  1. Those kind of days are the absolute best!! I love these photos... you should frame them and put them as a series in your bathroom:) We are in the market for a new camera and I cannot WAIT to start taking some decent (non-iphone) pictures once again!

    1. Thanks Erika! Great idea about putting a series up in the bathroom. I just might do that!

  2. Ugh, he melts me so. He's just too handsome. Too, too handsome.

  3. I love good days=) Even though my little guy isn't quite a "toddler", he still gives me a run for my money some days;) What a sweet little boy you have=)