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Hello out there! I'm back with some of my recent favorite things and I must say this week I am featuring some very fun little gems. I'm kind of giddy just looking at the pictures : )

First, there are some new blogs on the 'Hooked On' list at right: simple lovely, colour me happy, orange beautiful, and oh happy day. I'm having a blast getting to know these blogs and their authors, who are new to me. If you haven't yet, give them a read! They're bright, beautiful, and full of fun things!

Next, I'm not usually one to collect recipes, but I spotted this one for smores brownies on you are my fave and they look so scrumptious (and perfect for summertime!) I had to share. They're a little more work than your average brownies, but just look! (Yes, that is a graham cracker crust topped with brownies and golden toasted marshmallows. Heaven.)
And while we're on the subject of you are my fave (where does she find this amazing stuff?!?), in the post titled orange is my fave I found a picture of my own perfect party spot. I would like to have my next birthday party here, or even better, build an exact replica in my next back yard and celebrate all special occasions outdoors under a sunny canopy.
If you are a Francophile like me and you ever find yourself longing for anything related to France, I would refer you to hip Paris. Written by French and American girls, the blog is full of practical, insightful, and funny posts about the city of light. Here, another mouth-watering post dedicated to the delectable foods of Paris. This photo looks so good I can't stand it!
I spotted this gorgeous and practical post on the little things we do: a tutorial on how to take better photos. It's full of great tips and pretty examples. Like this:

And, perhaps my favorite find of the week, this iPhone cover featured on the little things we do. I love my iPhone so much. Any gadget so brilliant and hard working deserves this gorgeous cover.
That's all for now! I'm off to sunny California with my man! Have a beautiful weekend! xoxo

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