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Happy Friday! First on my list of faves this week, a couple of cool bits from the blog of a friend, Links of the Week (If you don't subscribe, you should! It's always full of interesting stuff.) I love the creativity of Ben Heine's photo/sketch hybrids! A few of my favorites:

New eco-friendly Coke bottle from a design student - we may be seeing these around before long. They're stackable, collapsable, and they have a smaller cap. Isn't this a great idea?! I don't think I'd miss the old design a bit.
As seen on the little things we do (a blog which I highly recommend), how to spend a day in Paris. I hope to do this with my man very soon.
And finally, give yourself a laugh on this Friday and visit old jews telling jokes. Maybe I'm just missing my patients, but these people are so cute and seriously funny! I recommend "Question for the Nurse", "Venice Beach Nursing Home", and "Rottweiler".

Happy weekend!!! xoxo

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