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The purple book

I stood in a very long line at Walmart today and leafed through the latest issue of House Beautiful to, you know, transcend the situation. As I waited I realized that although these days I get most of my design info and ideas online, I used to buy tons of design mags and tear out my favorite ideas and pictures and paste them into a blank book with a purple canvas cover. I had forgotten about the purple book and I couldn't wait to get home and dig it out to look through it. I dragged that book around with me for years through several moves, several jobs, and several different houses cutting and pasting the images that said home

I thought I might have a good laugh at the contents of my old book, but I am so delighted by what I found! It's amazing how little my taste has changed over the years, and I am so happy I kept those pages because they are still inspiring to me. Some of the themes: family-friendly outdoor living spaces, crisp white linens and tranquil colors in bedrooms, neutral walls and floors with pops of vivid color, sunlight, built-in bookshelves, dining rooms made to be full of loved ones and good food....I plan to use these as Tim and I put down roots in the near future and put together what will be our family's home.

I regret that I didn't cite any of the designers, or paint colors, or furniture companies in my purple book and I realize now that I haven't been citing much on this blog either. So, I would just like to say that in the future I am going to make an effort to site wherever I can. The designers/photographers/bloggers deserve the credit that is due, and it is heartbreaking to fall in love with a paint color (for example) and have no idea what it is. I am definitely not trying to pass off any of these images as my own - I just know that if I don't save them I will never be able to conjure them up again, and they are way too precious to let go.

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So, having said all of that, here are some more images for my new, twenty-first century purple book:

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