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Little bundles

Two very dear friends of mine are expecting babies this spring. One friend is funky and offbeat and expecting a girl, and the other friend is more traditional and expecting a boy. Both friends are precious to me and I didn't want to just run down to Target and hit the baby aisle for a quick gift. I've been waiting for inspiration to strike and yesterday I came across this site with the most adorable and simple guide to making personalized onesies - perfect for both of my friends! I went right out and bought some cute fabric remnants, onesies, and fusible fabric and had the whole project done in about three hours with no sewing. (Poor Tim came home to onesies and tiny animals strewn all over the guest room and me grinning from ear to ear. I think it scared him! Haha!) It was so fun to choose the fabrics and animals that suit my friends (and their little ones) and make something for them with my own hands. And they turned out so cute! I'm thinking of making some for my dog now....

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