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In my short blogging career (four whole weeks!) my life has been so enriched by the blogs I have read. I follow about 26 blogs faithfully (see Hooked On at the right of my page). All are written by women. Some of the authors are family, some are friends of friends, some are complete strangers. Some are artists, some are designers, some are mothers, some are Christians (the best are all of the above, in my opinion!) Content ranges from funny stories about kids and pets, to original artwork and photographs, to deeply personal praises and thoughts about faith. All are uplifting to me, and every one is precious because these individuals are precious. So bright! So creative! So articulate! What a blessing for us all to take our best, distill it down into words and pictures, and share the blessing with others. Thank you for sharing, ladies!

Here are some of my very favorite posts from the last month. Enjoy:

This recipe is an excellent example of what I love about this particular blog. It's simple. It's wholesome. It's delicious. And, there are beautiful color pictures to illustrate every step. (The author and her family live on a farm!! LOVE it!)

This is one of my very favorite posts from one of my favorite bloggers. I was already a total fan of her interior design work and her writing, and then I read this post about the birth of her first child. It is a wonderful read - totally worth a few minutes. Have some kleenex handy!

This post, by another one of my faves (the twin sister of the previous one) has had me thinking for days now. It's a subject I've been thinking about a lot lately too - living to the glory of God - and I don't think it's any coincidence that the author wrote it and I read it! I'm sure God's hand was working in this! I'm still mulling it over - more to come on this post later...

The entire category of interior design on this blog is gorgeous. Colorful, whimsical, creative. Just plain fun.

And, speaking of fun, this post about hipster puppies had me rolling with laughter. Really good stuff.

This gorgeous, gorgeous blog is like an instant trip to Paris. I tried to choose my favorite post, but I can't. They're all amazing and the perfect antidote for anyone who is homesick for the city of light.

And finally, this little gem from A Cup of Jo. It's frivolous. It's completely impractical. It could very well cause accidents. But I just can't help myself - it makes me smile. 

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