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Rooms I love

In a few short weeks we will leave Boston and move back to Texas for good. 
We've been in temporary housing since March, and although it has been wonderful (really!), 
I can't wait to settle into a home of our own again.

I've been thinking a lot about how I want our next home to feel. Warm. Gracious. Welcoming.
I think that's why this photo speaks to me (and why I've been on a little bit of a foyer kick lately.)
Everything about it says 'welcome home'.


  1. I'm kinda obsessed with this foyer too...and your cool header/blog banner!:)

    1. Thanks so much, Sue! Yes, I think it's the perfect entry space. I will be referring to this photo a lot as we settle into our next home!

    2. It is beautiful and inviting for sure! I love the fresh flowers!