Daily Reads


1 - Pretty packaging (and amazing chocolates) at Max Brenner.
2 - Twelfth anniversary date with my man!
3 - Little sweetie napping on the way to church.
4 - Pretty city on a rainy day.
5 - Ivy on brick. One of my favorite little things about Boston.
6 - Falafel and shawarma for lunch - our new Sunday tradition.
7 - Gigi's purse has always been a treasure trove :)
8 - He loved this little pinecone. Carried it around all afternoon.
9 - The playground is that way.
10 - Gathering ammunition supplies for our flight to Austin.
11 - Early morning, watching people at the airport.
12 - We missed his Daddy, but we made it!

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Happy Friday, friends! Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. His little pinecone is perfect. Well selected, Mike.

  2. Your little boy is so adorable! Boston looks gorgeous- I will go there someday!