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Happy Friday! As I look over this week's photos I feel extraordinarily blessed. 
Our life isn't very settled right now, but it is so full of love and excitement and new experiences - I think I prefer that to settled. Last Friday we were in Texas with my family, and this Friday we are back in Boston, a city that I love more and more every day. In between, Michael and I flew across the country, celebrated Father's Day with Tim, and spent the rest of the week on little mini-adventures to the park and the pool and the city, covering new ground, trying new foods, saying new words, laughing at things that suddenly strike him as funny. 

That last photo is my favorite for two reasons. First, because nothing says summer like swimsuits drying in the bathroom. 
And second, because it tells the story of my life right now. I have a tiny little sidekick who is always up for a new experience. Yesterday he wore those little swimtrunks and held my hand as he waded into the shallow end of the pool. When the chilly water crept up to diaper level he drew in a quick breath and turned to me with wide eyes. Then he laughed, and I laughed, and he waded in deeper. Life is just so sweet with my little companion.

Enjoy your weekend, friends! xoxo

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