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9 months old!

In all the hustle and bustle of December I didn't get around to writing Michael's eight-month post (or even taking his picture!) so this post will cover a little bit of both. There has been so much good stuff in the last two months!

Eight Months:

On the day he turned eight months old Michael got his first tooth (bottom left). He felt so much better and immediately started sleeping better. Hooray! But then we flew to Montana (two time zones away) and he got a cold, so we were back to waking several times every night. At eight months Mikey was crawling (fast!), pulling up, cruising, and a few times even using toys to climb up onto higher furniture. (Child-proofing became a lot more crucial around this time.)

He was starting to babble and speak more; words included "mama", "El" and "La" (for Ella), and "mmm" for more. He also started signing "more", which was a really fun development! He had a blast in Montana and was right at home playing with his cousins, aunts, uncles, and of course Gigi and Papa. We really started to see his outgoing side at this age - he played and played, laughed, and snuggled with the whole family, and back at home he had no tears at Bible class. At eight months he still weighed 16 pounds 8 ounces and was 28 inches long - a scrappy little guy :)

Nine Months:

At nine months Michael is as smiley and social as ever. He loves playing and exploring everything he can get his hands on, and going new places. He gives hugs and kisses, he loves wrestling with his Dad, and he still lights up around Ella. And - finally! - he has started sleeping through the night from about 7 to 7! I am so very thankful for this development. His naps have become longer and more regular too, so our days have fallen into a really nice pattern. It is such a blessing to have more rest and more order in our lives!

He says "mama", "dada", and "Ella" very clearly. He says "yummm" when he's enjoying his food and he says "mmmm" when he wants more. He will howl like a wolf, and sometimes moo like a cow. He is babbling more and more, and he often looks at me and babbles what sounds like a full sentence. It's so fun to hear him trying to communicate this way! He knows the sign for "more" and he mostly uses it when he wants to nurse. He still loves music and has started to dance when he hears something he likes :)

I didn't think it was possible, but Michael has become even more active in the last month. (Makes me a little scared of what he'll be like at 1...or 2...or 16....) He would rather play than do anything else - including eat! He's a speedy little crawler and poor Ella has given up on running from him. When he's awake she can usually be found hiding out of reach on our bed, although that may not be a safe spot for long. He's getting more three-dimensional in his exploits - he cruises and climbs over almost everything in his path.
At nine months Michael is 17lbs 8oz and 29 1/4 inches. He is still nursing, and his list of solid foods is growing slowly. He has two teeth now, and they are always on display since he is always smiling :) His dislikes at this age are few: getting into his carseat, and having his diaper changed are the two that come to mind. His list of likes is much longer: exploring new territory, getting out of the house to go anywhere, Ella, baths, playing with other kids, music, playing guitar with his Daddy, reading books, eating, wrestling, getting tickled...he likes doing just about anything as long as he's not tired or hungry. He is such a joy! 

Happy nine months, Michael! 
We love you more than you can imagine!

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