Daily Reads


A boy and his pup

During my pregnancy I spent a decent amount of time worrying about how our Ella would react to a new little creature in the house; our feisty dog had been our only "baby" for over ten years when I was pregnant. She seemed to know that change was coming, and I prayed that she would welcome the new one and maybe even find some protective instincts for him. My prayers were answered - she has been as good as gold, and Michael already loves her back. It has been the sweetest thing watching them together!
Curious and staying close
2 days
Protective mama
1 week
Michael sees Ella and smiles
4 weeks
Playing together
6 weeks
His favorite
7 weeks
Reading is fun...
...but the puppy is funner.
8 weeks


  1. Oh gracious, Chris! This made me cry! It's so, so precious. I LOVE that first pic of Tim reading to Mini-Tim :) Your family is beautiful.

  2. Thanks, Mug! :) Yes, the one of Tim reading to him is one of my favorites. They are really, really sweet together. Love you and miss you!