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More built-ins (and babies!)

I've got just a bit of baby fever here. A close friend had her little one last week, and there has been so much thanksgiving and excitement surrounding his birth - it's been really fun (for me - no sleep deprivation here)! It seems that everywhere I look right now there are more babies. For example, this photo from oh happy day. I thought it was just a great bookshelf. That clock, the urn, the books arranged by color...and then (surprise!) a tiny little baby snuggled up on the shelf! So adorable!
This little one is the newest member of the family for Gabrielle Blair, a designer and mother of six! Check out her blog design mom - it's super cute and well done.

Joanna Goddard, of a cup of jo, one of my favorite blogs EVER, just had a little one too. Have you seen Toby yet? He's too precious for words!

Lots of other friends are expecting or have recently had little ones too, so, it seems like a good time to post some of the nursery pictures I've been collecting. **No, we are not expecting, and I am not looking to put together a nursery right now.** But there are some really great ideas here and I thought I'd share the cuteness. Enjoy!

I have come to the conclusion that all nurseries should have a tree on the wall... 
...and maybe even some real branches.
There should be lots of sun...
...and animals.
And, if at all possible, a big comfy chair and some orange.


  1. When we moved out of our house in Justin, I didn't cry. I wasn't sad. UNTIL they took the boxes out of Leah's room. The tree you painted on her wall was so special to me. I hated that we were leaving it. When we built the house, I would stand in her unfinished room infront of the window so that Ryan could take a picture of my growing belly everytime we came to check on the house. That was my dreaming room...you helped make it so special. And I agree. Every nursery should have a tree on the wall. Love you.

  2. I am so happy that I got to be a part of it - thanks for asking me! I loved painting that tree, and I still love your idea. When I have kiddos let's paint one together in the nursery! Love you too!