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As long as I can remember I have loved maps and all things related to travel and the study of people and places. Over the last week several cool geography-related gems have sparked my imagination so I figured I would feature them here for any other geography nerds who might be reading. Enjoy!

First, some of the earliest color photos taken in autochrome at the beginning of the 20th century from the private collection of Albert Kahn. Such an incredible combination of beauty and history! Click on the link for more photos!
paris, france (notre dame cathedral in background)

Just love these silver state pendant necklaces from elsewares. I've been looking for a fun necklace and I really want that Montana pendant. (Tim? Are you reading?)

Remember the beautiful map of Paris from famille summerbelle? Well the pink version of the print has been living happily on our mantle for a few months now and it makes me smile every time I see it. Their latest addition, a world map is so gorgeous, I think I may have to make my single print into a collection.

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