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Hello out there! I am so excited about this collection of faves - in addition to being beautiful, they're all just so fun. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! xoxo

I loved Barbies as a girl. Not the actual playing of Barbies, but rather the designing of their homes, weddings, outfits, occasional sewing of linens and clothes, etc. Although I had the coolest, custom-made Barbie house around (thanks to your creativity Mom and Dad!), there's still a little girl inside me that wants this one. It would look so good with the red Ferrari parked in the driveway...
Love that orange sectional! Spotted on design mom.

Can't wait to make these chocolate pudding cups from bakerella. What a fun project, and such a pretty (and yummy) result!

Always fits, a site with fun, quirky gift ideas that always fit. I like their state pillows which come in a variety of colors and are personalized with a heart in the place of your choice. (Would be a fun DIY project, right?)

New tiles from dwell, spotted on oh joy. I am dying they're all so gorgeous!

This site gets the gold, though, because my favorite thing of all is when information is beautiful. Graphs and maps and bright colors, oh my...
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