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Family photos in Paris

At some point while we were preparing for the trip to France, a friend mentioned that she had booked a photographer for her upcoming family vacation and I knew right away that I wanted to do the same. I love photos more than any other souvenir, and I knew that family photos in Paris, if done well, would be a treasure I would cherish for a lifetime. So I did a little research and was thrilled to find Katie Donnely, an American family photographer living and working in Paris. Her portfolio was full of fresh, happy, joyful photos, and our experience with her was exactly that! The day of our shoot was early and cold, and Samuel was in a serious funk (that lasted half the shoot), but I don't think any of that comes through in the photos (except, maybe, for Sam's pouting - haha!) Katie did such a wonderful job of capturing our joy and excitement of being together in this beautiful city! I am so grateful for her patience and exuberance, and skill behind the camera. I'll treasure these forever.

Michael was such a trooper - it was cold and we were all wearing like five layers of clothes!

We began the session at Place du Trocadero, my favorite spot to view the Eiffel Tower.
having a come-to-Jesus moment with our precious two year old (it didn't work)
 I really love this one where we're looking at each other
Finally, a smile from Samuel. 
We saw a dog playing nearby and Katie expertly turned it into a silly game that got Sam smiling and laughing. 
It was such a dream having this beautiful plaza to ourselves for a bit! 
Within 15 minutes it filled up with people.
Also, we didn't do it on purpose, but our trip coincided with the blooming of the cherry blossoms!
Those beautiful pink blooms made Paris even more romantic and lovely.
 Happy family. I love these ones of us joking around next to the cherry blossoms.
From here we crossed over the river on Pont D'Iena to the Eiffel Tower.
 I love this shot, but all I can remember is that it was so cold. At this point, Katie wisely suggested we head to a cafe.
warm and happy, enjoying some chocolat chaud and coffee
my sweet boy - he was telling a long, funny story
 I don't think a hot drink ever tasted so good - it was just what we all needed!
This little Texan perked right up the instant he got warm. Right around the time the session ended. Stinker.
(I will always remember what it's like to have a two-year-old when I look at these. And that's a good thing!)

I'm just so grateful we had the chance to take these photos. Thank you so much, Katie!!
You made a dream of mine come true!

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  1. Beautiful!! I've never thought about hiring a photographer while on vacation - but what a wonderful idea! I totally agree that those photos will be your best souvenirs:)