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the shoes and jewelry stage


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There comes a time in a girl's pregnancy when she has to stop, take stock of what is happening to her body, come to terms with the state of things, and work with what she's got. I have arrived at that place, friends. (25 weeks tomorrow!!) I think of it as the "shoes and jewelry stage" because shoes and jewelry still fit the way I want and they draw attention away from the oh-so-large parts in the middle. I've got plenty of comfy basics for summer - tanks, skirts, shorts, and stretchy dresses - but I'd like a happy necklace that will perk up my mostly neutral wardrobe and "draw the eye upward" as needed ;)

I fell in love with number 1 after I saw it here (the colors are so good - it looks great with everything!) but it was way out of budget. So, I went on the hunt for a more reasonable substitute (with some help from my sister - thanks, Van!) and found all of these beauties! Number 7 is just what I was looking for, and the price is so good I'm tempted to grab number 4 too....

P.S. This shop has some really beautiful rope necklaces that would be gorgeous for summer.

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