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We're here! We're here!

Hello out there! I've neglected this little blog lately, but for good reason.
We've been moving, house-hunting, and catching up with precious friends and family.
It's been an intense week, but a very good one. 

And when I look at that map I get a little overwhelmed with emotion. So many important parts of my life have happened within that little triangle up there. Six years ago when we left we didn't know when we'd be back.
But God is faithful, and here we are! He's blessed us, again, to be close to our family and loved ones.
I'm just so thankful.

So, we have internet now and life has slowed down a bit, and I'll be here more often.
Happy Monday, friends! I'll be back soon - xoxo


  1. Yeah for being back in Texas...especially the Houston area!!

    1. Thanks, Lori! We're so happy to be here! :)