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The juggle

I once heard a quote that really stuck with me: You can have it all. You just can't have it all at once. Long before I had a child, or much of anything else to juggle, I knew that this little adage was true for me.

Well, Joanna over at A Cup of Jo is up to her usual genius and running a fascinating feature this week. She has several guest bloggers - all mothers who blog and work outside the home (some also run their own businesses!) - writing about how they manage to balance home/work/children/marriage. The purpose for the series is to get women talking in a way that is helpful to each other rather than critical of each other. And for me, at least, the series has done just that. It has reinforced my belief that staying home with Michael full time is the right decision for our family right now and inspired admiration for all of the other families out there who are making it work in their own way. Definitely worth reading!!

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