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To: Bun

Today you are 30 weeks old, my sweet baby! That means that it's only 10 weeks (more or less) until we finally get to meet you face to face! We're so excited. Your Dad and I went to St. Martin for "one last trip" before you get here, but we didn't really feel alone! You've been so active, and growing so much, and you popped up in a lot of the pictures :) It was a really beautiful week - our first family trip!
Back here at home we're getting ready for your arrival. Your nursery is coming together, we have registered at the hospital, I'm in my last few weeks of work, there's a baby shower for you coming up, and your Dad has been singing to you and reading you stories. We're getting ready, little Bun. We are so thankful for you and we can't wait to see you!!
All our love - xoxoxo

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