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Happy (late) Valentine's Day! 
Ordinarily I would say that spending the day sick in bed, and at the doctor's office would be the worst way to spend such a holiday, but my valentine is so fantastic that he made the day really special and we enjoyed it anyway (in spite of all my snotty grossness) :) 

Before he left for work, Tim surprised me with a sweet card and candy, which I enjoyed all morning (you're never too sick for Peeps). He came home for lunch and brought yummy food from one of our favorite places, and later in the afternoon a box of red roses was delivered to my door! (He had arranged for them to be sent to work when he ordered them last week, then changed the order to have them delivered to home when I was sick on Monday. Sigh.) We ate in and finished the day together nerding out over Watson the computer on Jeopardy. What more could a girl want?

You confirmed (again) what I've known all along - you are the sweetest man alive, and the only one for me. Thanks for always making me feel happy, precious, loved. 
I LOVE YOU, TIM!! xoxoxo

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