Daily Reads


To: Bun

7 months
These days I'm getting a lot bigger
and so are you!
I can feel the shape of your little body
(there's your back, there's your head!)
At night we laugh at your kicks and jabs and hiccups.
We're working on your room. I think you'll like it!
(Here's where we'll practice your ABCs.)
Ella knows something is up. She likes to stay close to my tummy.
We wonder if she can hear your heartbeat? Or feel you moving?
We're all waiting to meet you, precious little man.
Not too much longer now!


  1. Chris, this is so sweet. I CANNOT wait to meet Bunner.....no serious i can't wait any longer, so if you could turn the oven up or cook him any faster that would be grand. Bye-Bye.

  2. Thanks G-Mank! We're pretty excited too - I think I would speed it up if I could, but I'm trying to enjoy every day : ) Can't wait for Bun to meet you and Aunt Van!