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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! I'm over the post-Christmas melancholy and ready to start the new year! Today I bought my 2011 planner - it's gold and crisp and new and full of possibilities. So exciting! There's a lot to do this year and here's what's at the top of my list:
The nursery! After a weekend of cleaning out and organizing, our former guest room is ready for the transition to nursery. This is layout option #1 including the crib, changing table, and chair we plan to order. (Everything is totally to scale - I am in planning overdrive.)
Here's option #2. I'm not sure which layout I like better - thoughts?

Have a great week!! xoxo


  1. I like #1 for sure...keep baby's crib away from the door...How fun!

  2. I prefer lay out two...I think it'll look cuter from the door and interior walls are always warmer.

  3. P.S. Your planner is gorge, but no where near are unbelievably gorgeous as that picture of you and Time. Love you two!

  4. Thanks for the comments, girls! Love you both!