Daily Reads


We're two weeks from finding out if this little one is a boy or a girl (!) and I'm dying to start putting together the nursery. Boy or girl, I already know how I want the nursery to feel - bright, colorful, cozy, happy, etc. Here are some of the things I've been bookmarking and saving so they're just a click away when it's time to start pulling things together! Enjoy and have a beautiful weekend! xoxo
Adorable (and affordable!) alphabet prints from Lindsay Johnson.
Custom crib sets from Rocky Top Design (I love etsy!) let you choose the fabrics you want from coordinated palettes like these:

The prices are pretty steep, but the fabrics are gorgeous and unique - great for inspiration if we decide to make our own crib set.
We love this cool rocker from Joya

And finally, I love these mobiles from Pink Perch. Click through to their site for more - dinosaurs, astronauts, and safari animals. So, so cute.


  1. Chris! I LOVE it! I had been getting myself used to the idea of a neutral-palletted nursery (totally gorgeous, but not the colors I'm naturally drawn to), but now I'm so excited you're going with tons-o-color. I LOVE your choices here! I'm dying! My favorites are the mobile and the rocker. Soooo chic! When is the actual date you find out if it's Gene or Gina?

  2. Hey Mug! Thanks! Yeah, everything I have saved along the way has been pretty colorful so I'm not going to fight it. I can't be something I'm not. I NEED CLARITY! : ) Thanks for the comment! Love you and miss you!!