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Hello out there! I've been all tied up with a busy week, but it's over now, everything went great, and I'm on the downhill until my internship (and my career as a student) ends one week from today. Yaaay!! Let's celebrate with some faves from around the web and some dreamy spaces....Happy weekend everybody!

I totally love this series from little things we do. Every Friday I answer the questions and send them out to my loved ones survey-style. It's so fun reading everybody's answers and learning more about each other.

Check out these gorgeous (and free!) invitation templates. I kind of want to plan an event just so I can use them...

When I was a kid, I had a recurring dream that I was a spy in Europe during World War II. Here, a truly amazing account of a real Allied hero. Can you believe things like this really happened?!?

And finally, the latest addition to my Hooked On list at right, la maison boheme. It is right in line with my aesthetic, well-written, and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Isn't this room magical? It just looks like the kind of room where good things happen. And I'm not just saying that because of the built-ins.

Tranquil room, open window, breeze blowing in over a quiet street in Paris. Heavenly.

So dreamy.

I'd love to have my morning coffee here - I die for these windows.

A bed made for sweet dreams.

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