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Hello loves! Just a quick post to wish you a happy weekend, and to share a few things that made me smile over the last week. Enjoy!! xoxo

I am SO in love with these travel posters spotted at links of the week. These are my faves:

Check out my new favorite mini blog sweetie pie - a wealth of gorgeous photos of gorgeous interiors. Whoever this sweetie pie is, she has great taste and we should be friends.

Possibly the sweetest bookshelf I have ever seen...

This to-do column from simplesong is just plain adorable. I love the blog, I love the library card template, and I'm thinking about indulging my list habit and starting my own to-do series...

Loving marc oliver's paris photo collection. Such a fun take on a beautiful city.

And finally, a shout out to you are my fave. This blog is consistently bright, beautiful, and sunny. Always worth reading. You are definitley one of my faves.

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