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Montana - Paradise Valley (Part II)

storm over the Absarokas, headed south on 89

On our third and fourth days in Paradise Valley, we spent some time in the local towns. On Friday we went in to Livingston, one of our favorite places in Montana. We walked around and bought souvenirs (including some cowboy hats for the boys - be still my heart!), and had an amazing lunch at Mark's. It was one of those days - the weather was gorgeous, and the burgers and shakes were so good, and we had such a good time devouring our lunch and listening to good music in the car. That's a memory that will always make us smile! 
Livingston. I love so much about this picture, but especially the truck with the canoe, camper, dog looking out the window, and a bike on the back - delightfully typical in this part of the world
 the boys in their new hats / lunch at Mark's was a good choice

The next day we went to Bozeman, another town we love, and took the boys to the Museum of the Rockies. That was a huge hit! The dinosaur exhibit was amazing as expected, but so were all the other exhibits. Michael loved the Native American exhibit, and both boys were in heaven playing in the Children's Discovery Center, dressing up as rangers and fire-jumpers, camping and fishing. It was really fantastic. Michael has been talking about it ever since.
Sam was SO excited about these dinosaurs - this picture makes me laugh every time!
 Sam has a thing for mountain lions / please, please don't ever become a fire jumper, Mikey

And in all the rest of our other free time we were on the river. Pretend fishing, waving to all the people that went floating by, collecting rocks, throwing rocks, catching minnows, climbing on fallen trees and driftwood, and later doing some actual fishing after we bought them some poles. It was such a treat for all of us to be out there on that cold, clear water.
we loved waving and chatting with the people floating the river
 our "pet" minnows / all four of us in our happy place
Michael really took to the river - he seemed right at home and it was so fun to watch him!
Sammy liked it too - as long as he could hold our hand

One of my favorite nights of the trip, we allowed Michael to stay up late with the adults to have a camp fire. We also told him we would sleep outside with him (his idea because he thought we should be camping out all the time in Montana). We didn't get a lot of sleep that night, but it was really fun and I know it will always be a special memory for us.
he was so excited! (actually, we all were!)
such a big boy! he totally enjoyed being one of the grown ups for an evening :)
 sitting around the fire pit with Uncle Lance
 it was such a beautiful night! not too cold, but chilly enough for a fire...
...and s'mores, of course
 Michael took this one for us! One of my favorite shots from the trip!
We took this one in our bed on the porch around 10:30. Two hours later Michael and I were still awake (mostly because he wouldn't quit talking). He walked out into the grass to go potty and came back to tell me that he smelled a skunk. And that's when we retreated to our beds inside. But it was fun while it lasted!

There's still more to come...

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