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Sam's birthday party

Thank you so much to my Bubba for these wonderful pictures above. 

Well, we had a little party for Sam, and let's just start with the fact that he enjoyed his cake. He loved having everybody sing to him, didn't quite know what to do with it, and finally ended up going in face first. There was a lot of smiling and humming as he enjoyed his cake. He also kept pointing to the little balls on top and telling me "ball" - the theme was "balls" since that's his favorite thing - and for some reason that just made my heart sing. He seemed to love his party, and that's exactly what I wanted for this little nugget.

My parents graciously let us have the party at their house in Austin, so we were able to celebrate with some family and friends there which was a real treat! We had barbecue, played in the pool, visited, and the kids played with the new toys. It was a really fun afternoon celebrating our Sam. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for hosting us!

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