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Little Sam turned six months old earlier this week. And right on time, as if he'd gotten some sort of six-month-old memo, he got really assertive and started trying to crawl. He's grabbing everything, showing some temper, and just generally speaking up about things. It's so fun to see this side of his personality emerge, though sometimes I miss my laid-back little guy. He's changing so much every day. The fact that he is our second hasn't dampened the excitement for Tim and me - we get so excited about every new skill, every sign of growth. It really is a miracle every single time. At night, in the dark of his nursery I hold him close and sometimes I can feel him growing up. It would be a desperate, heart-wrenching thing, except that it's such a blessing to see him thriving and growing into himself. We're so thankful for him. We love him so much, and every day we marvel at this new little person who has joined our family.

He's still calm and patient, smiley and friendly. He loves to laugh, and Michael can almost always get some good belly laughs out of him. He loves Michael and lights up when he has his attention. He's still a good eater - nursing 6 or 7 times a day and eating oatmeal cereal, pears, apple, banana, prunes, avocado, peas, sweet potato, carrots, and spinach. He naps well - in his crib or the car, sometimes while we shop. His night sleep is still pretty erratic, but sometimes he sleeps up to 8 hours at a time. He's in 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. He babbles and squeals almost all the time. No teeth have popped through yet, but they seem to be close on the bottom. He's happiest when he's playing with Tim and Michael, dancing around to music or rough housing. Other favorites: being tickled, patty cake, singing songs, playing outside, being naked, playing in the bathtub, crinkly books, and his stuffed horsie toy. The only dislikes: having his nose wiped, and the tags on his high chair straps.

We love you so, sweet Samuel. Happy six months! xoxo

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