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Hello, little blog. It's been a while. Rather than kill myself with the pressure of catching up on posts I should have written over the last two months, I've decided to jump right in as if there was never a break. 

Little man is in the very early stages of crawling. He scoots a few paces, then does a belly flop, gets up and repeats until he reaches whatever he is tracking. (Usually, poor old Ella.) It's not pretty, but he sure gets around. And when I start clapping and cheering he grins like a champion and crawls with such gusto you'd think he was in competition for a gold medal. It's the most precious thing I have ever seen. Needless to say, I do a LOT of clapping and cheering. 

So, the baby-proofing has begun. (Where did I get off thinking I wouldn't be "one of those parents who lets kid stuff take over the whole house"?) I just spent the morning removing the coffee table and most of the attractive/interesting objects from my living room in order to make his play space even bigger and safer. Old art books and framed photos have been replaced with puzzles, board books and assorted teething toys. My beloved once cream-colored carpet (what was I thinking??) is covered with a huge old quilt. It protects the baby from rug burn, protects the carpet from further stains, but I have a big ugly quilt on my floor 24/7. Where once there was a table for drinks, snacks, and reading material now there is a scattering of plastic animals and brightly colored rings. And we're not finished yet. We're going to enclose the whole mess with one of those gigantic fences. 

Here's the little stinker hard at work. 
We couldn't love him any more. 
More posts and pics to come soon.

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