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Cape time

Is summer really over?? I always get nostalgic this time of year - I love the fall, but I hate to see the days getting shorter (and the tan lines fading). 
We have one more summer fling before us - a trip to the Cape! Vanessa and Grant are on their way even as I type, and tomorrow we all head to Wellfleet, our favorite little piece of New England. Four blissful days of bare feet, cooking on the grill, playing on the beach, taking pictures, laughing, sleeping in, staying up late, sitting around on the porch talking, eating up all the good food we can find, and acting like kids at summer camp.


  1. How odd! This morning I finished reading a book, a memoir, and the author talks about renting a house in the Truro area on the cape, she even mentioned Wellfleet.........I was thinking it sounded like a really neat place. You'll have to let me know what you think of the area.

  2. Hey Jill! That's a funny coincidence! We've been out there a couple times before and we really love it. The area is wooded except for the places right along the shore and there are tons of clear freshwater ponds to swim in. It's so relaxed and quiet. And the food is to die for : ) I bet y'all would love it - maybe we can do a trip out there together sometime!